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#39 Catsup. I mean catch up.

I wanted to catch you up all in one post. I’ve been out of touch a bit for a good reason. My husband and I bought a second home right outside of Jackson Hole, WY! It’s brand new I was recently there for three weeks moving in and getting it settled. That is why I didn’t complete the 2019 CrossFit Open and why I haven’t posted on Instagram or here lately.

#38 – 6″😳

Two words – 6 inches. What? Yes, 6 inches above the athlete’s head is where the bar has to be for the “jumping chest-to-bars”. Let’s just say I didn’t do as well as other ladies in my category. I came in 2600th.

#37 – Test of Fitness, The Open 19.3

Ok, so “The Open”. Every year, CrossFit holds an open competition. This is the first step to qualifying for the World CrossFit Games held this year in Madison, WI.

#36 — The Flu Got Me

Ugh! Just when I was getting more fit and stronger, the flu got me. 🤧 Ugh! Two weeks in bed (Ok, I went out for my birthday👑) got me so weak. My goal was to compete in the CrossFit Open competition. I got sick the day 19.1 was announced so I missed that one and 19.2. My goal was to do all five workouts all prescribed so I could get a rank this year and improve next year. 😔

#35 — Picky Eater? Plant-based Diet It is!

Well, truth be told I have never liked meat of any kind. Forget about bison, alligator, ostrich, or kangaroo. I’ve never really liked steak. I’d order it well done because the pink inside grossed me out.

#34 — It’s That Time of Year – Make NEW Goals

Like I said in an earlier post, you need measurable goals to monitor your progress and get shit done. You cannot met or exceed your goals if you don’t write them down! You must have short-term goals so you can meet your long-term goals.

#33 – Newly Redesigned Site!

As of today, January 17, 2019, I have a new site. It is now possible for readers like you to make comments and/or ask questions! Feedback!! Yes!!! Don’t be shy, but definitely be nice, please. I’m fragile.

#32 — How do you compare? Do you care?

Are you competitive? I am. (just a fact.) Someone told me about this free app, Strength Level, and I love it. With this app you input your age, weight, gender and then put in your max weights on seven different movements.

#31 — Motivation, inspiration, perspiration TOGETHER

Reasons I love CrossFit!!!

#30 — Body shaming is a no-no no matter what

I made the mistake of reading the comments on a bathing suit ad in my Facebook feed. Do I have too much time on my hands? Probably.

#29 – Injuries Make me Sad

As I try to get more fit and stronger, I put forth a lot of effort. As you know, I’m coming from basically a zero fitness level just seven months ago. While I have been able to develop more muscle, the ligaments can be stressed more easily as a beginner. Muscles and ligaments are like “Hello! What are you doing to me?”

#28 – CrossFit Open

The Open is the first step in competing in the CrossFit Games. You can size up your current fitness level to others in your age group!

#27 — Food is Your Friend

This cannot be done on a calorie-restricted diet. It just can’t. Prior to doing CrossFit, I could get away with a latte for breakfast before playing tennis or going for a run. Once I started CrossFit, I needed more.

#26 — This is Me During a WOD

Here’s another thing I can work on — counting! Especially when it’s cumulative counting all reps in a WOD

#25 — Dear Diary: I like big butts and I cannot lie

So here I go again, posting unflattering pictures of myself. This is what I do now. Seriously, no difference in my butt after 15,000 squats and 2 miles of lunges.

#24 — Be A Part of the Community. Resources to help!

There are so many resources for anyone interested in CrossFit. Here are my favorites…

#23 – This Smells A Lot Like PE

Our awesome coaches warm up the athletes before the workout differently each time. When I walked into class one, this smelled decidedly different and I didn’t like it. There was a large heap of bright green singlets sitting on the floor along with some orange cones AND A BALL. Uh Oh.

#22 — Double Unders – WAY harder than they look

“Doubles-under” is a signature Crossfit move, a jump rope technique where you sweep the rope twice through but only jumping once. It’s very difficult because you need to jump high and straight, along with keeping the right rhythm.

#21 — When I lost my excuses, I found my results

October 15, 2018 – So after 5 workouts a week for six months now in the books now, I’ve had some pretty significant results. Some say, “Don’t tell people your plans, show them your results.”

#20 — A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Let’s talk about goals. Why have goals for anything? Why not let things just happen? Well, IMO if you want to achieve shit, you gotta have a plan

#19 – A Little Help From My New Friends

I don’t know anyone, am doubtful I can perform the movements, and just generally don’t know what I’m doing. Just do it, Terry. Breath, Terry. Don’t leave. Keep walking.

#18 – Here goes!

I swallowed my pride, ditched the excuses, ignored how I looked and how I felt (extremely intimidated) and started at Left Coast CrossFit on April 4, 2018.

#17 — Best Face Forward

Before the first day at Crossfit, I’d like to pause to talk about the face we women put on for the world. I can only speak for myself, or course, but the face I put forward to the world always has makeup on and side-swiped bangs.

#16 — Well, I have wrinkled skin anyway and other good excuses

So, fast forward to February 2018, almost three years to the day that I had been totally inactive. No tennis, no running, no exercise. I didn’t even walk my dog. My body looks flabby, soft, and even lumpy. My super original excuses for not working out included:

#15 – My inspiration starts with my husband of 28 years, Clay

Before I can start to talk about my CrossFit journey, I absolutely need to let you know about my inspirational, hard-working, amazing, funny, smart, kind, modest, hunky husband, Clay Corwin.

#14 – My Ulna is Too Long and Other Injury Tales

With as much tennis as I played, and I played A LOT, injuries are bound to happen. Every week I was playing a regular team match…

#13 – The Plate, a Marathon, a Heart Defect, and Death

In 2009, there was a significant convergence of tennis, running, and my mother’s death all within one ten-day period…

#12 – You’ll get fat in your twenties and other lies

When I was a teen, everyone would always tell me I’d get fat in my twenties…

#11 – And in other news, mom tennis is very competitive!

My tennis club is part of a league that has about 9 levels starting at D3 for the most beginning of beginners…

#10 This is me at 8:00

Our box posts next day’s WOD (Workout Of The Day) at 8:00 P.M. the night before. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in the morning. It also gives me a chance to review the movements online.

# 9 – Say this. Don’t say that.

When a skinny girl proudly says she just lost a few pounds, what do you say?…

#8 – High school was awkward, too

In junior high, all the girls had to participate in PE. In high school, real sports began…

#7 – Sugar! My pathway to gain weight

I really tried to gain weight as a kid. I really did. I’ve always had a very special relationship with sugar…

#6 – “Wate On” not “Weight On” – Wait, what?

Believe it or not, there was actually a product encouraging skinny girls (and I guess, guys) to buy something called Wate On.

#5 – You are SO skinny, and other compliments

I didn’t realize how different I was from the other girls until the day another girl pointed it out.

#4 – Keep Your Eye on the Ball, and other top secret sports tips

So sports. I didn’t get it and nobody told me…

#3 – Send Terry Right Over

Remember this game played out on the dirty dead brown grass of your childhood, Red Rover…

#2 – Who’s Absent?

Choosing teams during middle school PE. Come on…

#1 – Start Here

I grew up on the mean streets of Newport Beach, California, in the 1970’s…