#44 — Progress!😄

So far, so good. Both in weight on my body and weight on the barbell. Which is good because I signed up for my first weightlifting meet – January 11th in Monrovia, CA. Bought two singlets (game day options) and ready to compete!!!!!!!

Three new tools that I am loving: Lifting tape on my thumbs, knee sleeves, and creatine. Lifting tape is a stretchy tape I wrap around my thumbs so that when I am holding the barbell I have a better hook grip! Knee sleeves keep my knees hot so I hopefully don’t injure them. Lastly, not sure why up to this point nobody had told me of this tool to help gain muscle. Creatine is a safe and sure supplement to help an athlete gain muscle over time. So that is now a part of my daily routine. I’ll take all of the help I can get!

Consistency is key and I have been dedicated to consistant training and dedicated to consuming my prescribed macros (cookies are my weakness though). I have confidence and trust in what my coach, my husband, and my nutritionist tell me so I just do that. I simply don’t have the experience to freelance a single thing. This has made the difference in my progress, I think.

The video here is my newest Clean and Jerk PR of 90#. While this is great progress, I will really celebrate when I hit 100#. Now, THAT is a milestone considering I could barely do a 100# deadlift just 16 months ago. I’m super greedy when it comes to PRs. 😜 My latest PR on my snatch is 56# and I’m getting to love this lift more and more as I get better. Now, if I could just change the name. 🤭

My new body weight is about 124 pounds, which is up from 120.6 one month ago. With guidance from my nutritionist, I have steadily increased my daily calorie intake to 1,982 today. I’m still the same size but my clothes are tighter. I feel more solid but the funny thing is that I now don’t look in the mirror to see how my body may LOOK better. I look at the weights on my barbell to see if I can lift better!!

One last note on what I consider personal progress. I now wear short booty shorts to train! 😳 I NEVER thought I would wear such things. Never thought I would want to obligate anyone to look at so much of 57 year old legs but it was too hard to get those new knee sleeves over my capris at about the same time I went to a local weightlifting meet where they were selling booty shorts in wild prints. Ok, I’ll buy a pair and see how I feel the first time I workout in them. A funny thing happened the first day I wore them. While I was majorly self-conscience, I felt like I at least “looked” like a weightlifter. I felt more athletic. I felt more confident. With that, I had more confidence in my training session, which of course turns into better lifts. So there’s that. Now I wear those darn booty shorts on errands after my training sessions. Guess what? I don’t really give a shit what anyone thinks. So there.


  1. Jennifer Moore

    26th Nov 2019 - 11:25 am

    Terry —Wow! Great progress on all fronts! Please don’t stop eating cookies though!! Impressive and what a great accomplishment to compete in this sport.

  2. Terry Corwin

    26th Nov 2019 - 10:28 pm

    Thanks so much, Jenny! I really, really appreciate the support! 😘

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