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#41 Olympic Lifting and CrossFit

Trying to perfect Olympic liftings with my coaches, Ryan and Brooks.

To be honest (which I always am), I’ve been struggling lately. Building muscle, cardio, and lifting technics. So that’s a lot, I guess. As I’ve said before, I went from CrossFit five days a weeks to Olympic lifting three days a week. For those that don’t know, and I certainly didn’t, Olympic lifting or OLY lifting is only the snatch and the clean and jerk.

I have a lifting coach both at Left Coast CrossFit in California and in Jackson Hole, WY – Ryan and Brooks respectively (both young enough to my son). One hour at a time, trying to perfect these two movements. It is so incredibly technical. More than I ever thought. We haven’t even gotten to adding the kind of weight I would need to be competitive. Hook grip, knuckles down, shoulders over bar, keep barbell as close as possible to your body, slowly pull up bar up to your knees, standing up, keeping bar close to your body, at the right point accelerate and shrugging your shoulders up and your toes at the same time, pull under the bar and bring the bar up and over your head (or chest for a clean and jerk). SO SO SO many things to get exactly right to be able to heave the weight over your head. It almost boggles the mind. I’m getting better and I ask a ton of “why” questions, but it is so slow going.

There is a weight lifting meet in November, and I hope I can qualify. I think it would be fun and having a competition to imagine makes me work harder towards that goal.

As for building muscle, this seems to be the hardest thing. I’ve been doing CrossFit regularly and now the lifting but I look and feel about as strong as I did six months ago. I have religiously tracked my macros (carbs, protein, fat) and have tried to consume as much protein as possible. I am post menopausal but on hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Maybe that’s it. I don’t know. I’m frustrated even though my husband tells me strength building takes the longest. I guess I just have to perfect the technique!

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