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#39 Catsup. I mean catch up.

I wanted to catch you up all in one post. I’ve been out of touch a bit for a good reason. My husband and I bought a second home right outside of Jackson Hole, WY! It’s brand new I was recently there for three weeks moving in and getting it settled. That is why I didn’t complete the 2019 CrossFit Open and why I haven’t posted on Instagram or here lately.

The good news is that my husband, Clay, came in 29th in the Open in the 60+ and is moving on to the Age Qualifier on May 2nd. I’ve mentioned before (and whenever possible), he was a Games Athlete in 2015 and 2016, coming in 6th and 5th respectively. He had a totally knee replacement last year around this time and was completely OUT of the completion. We went to the Games to cheer on Armando Garcia-Besne from Left Coast CrossFit, where we work out. He came in second! More on Clay’s journey soon, as I am his biggest fan and PR agent.

So that’s the Open. On to my nutrition journey. 🌱NO PLANT BASED DIET FOR ME. I very quickly realized it was almost impossible for me to hit my daily protein macros with a plant based diet. Kudos to those of you who can. I simply cannot consume enough of the required foods to do it. So, that’s now off the table for me. I am now on macros that will help me build muscles. 🐓🦃🐄 More on that as soon as I have more to tell you.

So that’s the catch up. I only did two WODs for the Open, Clay did VERY well, and I am not on a plant based diet. See you soon!😃 No, I can’t really see you. That would be weird.😆

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