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#37 – Test of Fitness, The Open 19.3

Ok, so “The Open”. Every year, CrossFit holds an open competition. This is the first step to qualifying for the World CrossFit Games held this year in Madison, WI. For teens under 18 and masters over 35, here’s how it works: Each Thursday at 5:00 PM Pacific Time, a workout is announced for all athletes in the entire world. Each athletic performs the workout and posts the score before the following Monday at 5:00 P.M. PST. The workout is performed at the athletes CrossFit box/gym in front of a judge. The owner of the box must verify the score. This weekly schedule goes on for five weeks.

The “individual athletes” are what some call the pros. These are are the best of the best age 18-35. Qualifying for the world CrossFit Games is completely different for these athletes and way too complicated to explain on my little blog.

After the Open, the top 200 in each age category competes in the Age Qualifier the late bit of April. The top 10 after the Age Qualifier goes on the world CrossFit Games this summer. More on that later.

Oh, and they call the Open workouts by the year and the workout number, so the first one is 19.1 and the last one is called 19.5. If you want to sound like you’ve been participating for awhile, just reference it as nineteen five. You don’t say point. You’re welcome.

So here is my score: 604th out of about 3,300! This puts me in about the 81st percentile! Not bad!

There are gender and age categories so you are competing against your same age peers. Six age groups: 14-15, 16-17, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+. At no time are you ever compared to the opposite gender or anyone not in your age group.

There is a RX (prescribed) workout AND a scaled workout. If you want to qualify for the Games, you must perform the RX workout. The workout is mostly the same for everyone. Weights/wall balls are different for males and females, weights are lighter for age 55+ categories. Some movements are slightly different for 55+ athletes.

This brings it back to me. Like I said in a previous post, I was sick the first two rounds/weeks of the workouts/competition. I did the workout RX (prescribed) for my age. I did well, much to my surprise. Here was the workout for 55-59 ladies:

I did the walking lunges without an issue and without stopping. I went on to the dumbbell box step-ups without issue and without stopping. I finished all of that in 8:16. Next movement – handstand push ups. Before that day, I had never done a handstand push up. During the competition, I completed 15!!!!!! The athlete must complete 50 in the time frame to go on to the handstand walks, which I can do a few, but never go the chance. I was SO SO SO happy to have the 15 handstand push ups. I finished with the feeling I could do ANYTHING! My score of 608th out of about 3,300 gives me great confidence! Happy dance!!

On to 19.4!

FUN FACT: I have been hooked on a show for several years on the History Channel – The Curse of Oak Island. Check it out! It’s a mix of treasure hunting and history! People many, many centuries ago went through an EXTREME effort to bury, hide and boobytrap the location deep within an island in Nova Scotia. What they’ve found so far is intriguing, and even though exploring has been going on for 200 years there, it is now with today’s technologies they will find the treasure and uncover what is buried there. Watch it and reply here!

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