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#35 — Picky Eater? Plant-based Diet It is!

Well, truth be told I have never liked meat of any kind. Forget about bison, alligator, ostrich, or kangaroo. I’ve never really liked steak. I’d order it well done because the pink inside grossed me out. The waiters never said anything when I ordered it that way, but I could feel their ire. Chicken was ok but it had to be a skinless, boneless white-meat breast – definitely cooked all the way through. Ever heard of “airline chicken”? It’s kind of a breast but it has a wing of some sort sticking out of it. Does that make it more appetizing? For me, not so much. Not at all. Please take it back.

I’ve always been a pretty picky eater and I hate it when my meal companions take notice. Oh, try this, Terry. Ummm… no…. thanks. I’m good. I wish I wasn’t so picky so when we raised our boys, now adults, I tried very hard so they wouldn’t be. Maybe sexist, but something pretty unappealing about a man who is a picky eater. I’m proud to say they now eat (and enjoy) exotic things like oysters, calamari (yes, I think that is exotic), bone broth, and – wait for it – rare hamburgers! 😜 Our youngest, Garrett, actually eats dried maggots. I think my work here is done. 🏆

Ok, so after living almost 57 years, I’ve decided to stop trying to like meat, forget what people think, and go plant-based. It’s been about two weeks now without meat, and I’m loving it but it’s taken a bit of investigation, reading, and a consultation with a nutritionist to be sure I am covering my nutrimental bases. Stay tuned…

FUN FACT: I really only eat a meal so I can eat a sweet afterwards.

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