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#34 — It’s That Time of Year – Make NEW Goals

Like I said in an earlier post, you need measurable goals to monitor your progress and get shit done. You cannot met or exceed your goals if you don’t write them down! You must have short-term goals so you can meet your long-term goals. Seriously, a goal without a plan is just a wish. WRITE IT DOWN! Another great idea to reach your goals is a vision board. Cut pictures out of old magazine of your goals for the future – wether that is a hot body, a vacation to Paris, or a new car, and post on a board you see DAILY. When you visualize these thing you can and will consciously and unconsciously make it happen!

So…. back to my spreadsheet made with Clay’s help when I started CrossFit in April 2018. The spreadsheet consisted of most, if not all, of the movements in CrossFit listed along the left column and the goal in the far right column. Now, what I did was also include what to list the world-class women in my age group can do. This lets me know what is possible! What these women can do is what I ultimate want to be able to do – and more. Obviously, this will take several years, but it lays it all out before me. In other words – long-term goals!

As I get better and better at each movement and then reach a PR (personal record), I record this on my spreadsheet with the date. Below are a few movements, along with 2018 year-end goal, and the world class weight for reference.

As you can see, I only reached one goal by the end of 12/31/2018, the push press. Explanation without sounding defensive: Clay helped me set the goals for the year in April 2018 when I first started CrossFit with zero fitness level. Neither he nor I knew what I was capable of. The goals original set by Clay were quickly met and exceeded by me – which I LOVED A LOT! Then Clay set new goals for me. Very aggressive goals, which you see above. Also, some of these movements are not tested very often in class, like a max “Clean” which is why there are not many records.

Now that 2018 is in the books, it is time to sit down with Clay and set the goals for 2019! What is exciting about CrossFit, among many other things, is that the CrossFit Open is fast approaching and this online competition will me and all other athletes to see how they compare to other athletes across the planet.

Also, Clay has recovered from his 2018 knee replacement and will competing in the Open. I will be keeping his progress posted on my Instagram since he doesn’t. I am his unofficial PR agent – and head cheerleader.

FUN FACT: I am thinking of going on a plant-based diet. (Hate the word diet.) More investigation and knowledge is needed before going forward. Stay tuned! 🌱

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