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# 9 – Say this. Don’t say that.

When a skinny girl proudly says she just lost a few pounds, what do you say? Do you quickly reply with “You didn’t need to lose any weight. You look fine.”? I know you mean well, but unless you are having an exchange with someone who is obviously dealing with an eating disorder, think of another response. Let me help. I personally don’t know of too many women who are perfectly happy with their bodies. In fact, not a single friend comes to mind. When a skinny girl says she lost a few pounds, it’s because she wanted to. Everyone else enjoys a big pat on the back when they lose weight. So does she. We all know how to feel good in our skin. Some are willing to do things to make that happen, which is great. Eating well and exercising (or hopefully both) are good for our minds, bodies, and spirit. Next time a skinny girl says she lost a few pounds, all you need and should say is, “Great! Good for you. How did you do it?” Again, unless you are dealing with a person with an eating disorder, it’s not helpful to reprimand someone who is doing something healthy. Glad I could get THAT off my chest.  

FUN FACT: I have traveled to many countries, including Italy, Mexico, France, Spain, Barbados, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Greece, Haiti, Jamaica, Monaco, Portugal, Thailand, and Vatican City.  

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