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#8 – High school was awkward, too

In junior high, all the girls had to participate in PE. In high school, real sports began and if you were in a legit sport, you didn’t go to PE. Now, it seemed, the playing field (as if it were) was even. It was a sisterhood of the un-athletic. We played “sports” like tetherball.  

Actually, when I was younger I did ok with what was called tumbling during ballet classes at Dorthy Jo Dance Studio in Corona del Mar. So when gymnastics came into season, I did much better than the more athletic girls. One time, the PE teacher let me be the team captain.  What? I could pick my own team, and not be picked last? Oh what fun that was because I got my revenge. It wasn’t that I wanted to be mean and pick those athletic girls last (oh, but I did), but the skinny girls just had more potential to be better at cartwheels and back bends.

Turns out I was ok at this gymnastic game.  Somehow I got on the real team, uniform and all, competed at meets with other schools and everything. I loved wearing my uniform sweats to school. I have absolutely no photos of my time on the team, but I swear I was.

I didn’t do that well competing, I know that. Looking back, I do remember how I approached my game day nutrition.  Candy. I thought if I ate a bunch of candy the day of the meet, I would gain all sorts of energy and athleticism if I was full of sugar. What????

Was I a cheerleader in high school? No, I was not. Did I try out?  Yes, I did. Three times. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

And that ends my oh so compelling high school athleticism story. My fitness journey picks up again about 20 years later. Stay tuned.

FUN FACT: I was married twice before.  Both in my early twenties. No children by them, and one has passed away.  I’ve been very happily married to Clay since 1991, so it obviously wasn’t me.😜

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