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#7 – Sugar! My pathway to gain weight

I really tried to gain weight as a kid. I really did. I’ve always had a very special relationship with sugar. We are like that. Remember those cookies with chocolate cookie bottom, marshmallow center covered with chocolate – Pinwheel cookies? Love those!  Ice cream drumsticks, Fudgsicles, frozen cookies, and (full sugar) soda were in over-whelming abundance in my house. My parents had a separate freezer full of these goodies whenever we wanted to indulge – which was, like, all the time. Duh. My wonderful mom – her idea of a side dish was Jello with marshmallows, so even our wholesome meals included sugar. I ate those Jello side dishes and treats all of the time as a kid but never gained weight.  

My late dad had a legendary sweet tooth. One of my fondest memories of him was when he would occassionally make fudge from scratch. It took him hours and the smell went throughout the entire house. He needed to use a candy thermometer to make it. I still have it. Maybe I will make fudge tonight in his memory.

As an adult, when I go out to dinner, I am honestly more interested in what is on the dessert menu than the rest of the meal. Sometimes I ask the waitress for the dessert menu before I decide on lunch or dinner. (This is where my friends are silently nodding yup yup.) The waitress always thinks I’m kidding. I’m not.

FUN FACT: I was a National Charity League Debutante in 1980.  White dress, white gloves, muff, debutante ball – the whole thing.  My song was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”🌈

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