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#6 – “Wate On” not “Weight On” – Wait, what?

Believe it or not, there was actually a product encouraging skinny girls (and I guess, guys) to buy something called Wate On. No idea why it was spelled this way. Wate isn’t even a word. The ads promised to add weight so we would be attractive because men apparently don’t like skinny women – at least not in the 1970’s.  “Glamorous Actress”, Rachel Welch promoted the product saying “I can’t afford to be skinny.” “True Beauty Includes a Full Figure.” These are direct quotes from their ads. I fell for it and bought this product with sketchy ingredients. I did not gain a pound. They don’t sell this anymore. Shows how times and body images have changed over the decades.

FUN FACT: I rarely drink alcohol. Starting when I was about 45, it just started not agreeing with my system.

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