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#5 – You are SO skinny, and other compliments

I didn’t realize how different I was from the other girls until the day another girl pointed it out. Before that, I just didn’t get it or care. So, I was just standing there minding my own junior high business waiting in the lunch line for my chocolate milk, cookie, chips and dry sandwich, and this girl says, “You are so skinny.”  “Oh, thank you” I reply (I’m so dumb). “No, I mean you are REALLY skinny.” Oh! So not a compliment. Got it. Good talk.

Were my tight, yellow, saddle-stitched Ditto jeans pared with a yellow sweater outfit screaming for a compliment (or mean-spirited insult)? Was I really a standout?  Thinking back, she might have said something about looking like a banana, but I can’t say for sure now. I didn’t learn any fashion sense until I was, like, 40. I really should have paid more attention but the 1970’s were not known for being fashion forward. I should have at least tried for flattering.  Anyway, from that day forward, I never felt comfortable with my body. So sad really. I was just a little girl.

FUN FACT: I have the cutest, calmest, lovable dog. Baxter is a Bichon Frise. I love him.🐶

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