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#4 – Keep Your Eye on the Ball, and other top secret sports tips

So sports. I didn’t get it and nobody told me. Something I learned only later in life that the key to sports is actually keeping your eye on the ball. Let me say it again. Keep your eye on the ball the entire time. That is the secret to sports. Yeah, there is that hand/eye coordination thing but watching that ball is the key to your success. You’d think someone might have mentioned this to me. Was I absent that day? Pretty sure this tidbit was worth repeating – like every day repeating. I spent my developing years scared of that fucking ball. Here’s another thing nobody told me. Practice and you’ll get better. Really??? I just went around thinking, well assuming, other girls were just good at sports. Not sure what I thought “practice” meant.

FUN FACT:  I like chocolate cake every time but I won’t order that hot lava molten cake. As a rule, the frosting should only be on the outside of the cake, not the inside.🤷🏻‍♀️

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