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#32 — How do you compare? Do you care?

Free app, Strength Level

Are you competitive? I am. (just a fact.) Someone told me about this free app, Strength Level, and I love it. With this app you input your age, weight, gender and then put in your max weights on seven different movements. This allows you to pinpoint your strengths and weakness and compare your lifts to others of your age and same weight. It also tells what level you are at that movement:

  • Untrained – never trained on movement before
  • Beginner – can perform with correct form
  • Novice – trained regularly for several months
  • Intermediate – trained regularly for up to two years
  • Advanced – trained for multiple years
  • Elite – Pro athlete

I am excited to know that most of my movements are in the intermediate level and I have only been training for less than a year. A few moments I am almost to advance – a level for athletes who have trained for several YEARS! Now, that is encouraging!!!!

FUN FACT: I only wear tank tops when I work out. No! Also wear other clothes – a sports bra and capris but I never wear any top that constricts my movements.

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