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#31 — Motivation, inspiration, perspiration TOGETHER

Reasons I love CrossFit:

  • These crazies are my peeps! The ones who encourage me, give me tips, and motivate me to be the best and do my best! I hope I do the same for them!!!
  • What a blessing to get to know people I wouldn’t normally get to know if not for CrossFit
  • Occasionally children are hanging out
  • No mirrors
  • Easy to keep track of your progress
  • Everyone doing the same thing (although scaled for most) – we are in this together!!!
  • Very little (if any) complaining
  • Camaraderie from start to finish and in between
  • High fives and fist pumps when it’s over
  • Questions when you miss a day
  • Personalized, professional, caring coaching every single session
  • Tips from other athletes (much appreciated!)
  • Low brow workout clothes – no Lululemon to be found
  • Trying really, really hard is the ultimate respect
  • Messy hair – don’t care
  • People bringing in their dogs
  • While you are catching your breath after a hard workout, you won’t be surprised when someone has put away your weights without a word to you. You also do the same for others!
  • Share your support and encouragment but not your germs! Thoughtfulness abounds when athletes wipe down their weight bars, rings, seats, handles and anything else they touched with antibacterial spray – especially nice during flu season
  • The PR (personal record) bell ringing to everyone’s applause
  • and more that I will add as I think of them….

For me, I just could not get fit at one of the 24 Hour Fitness gyms of the world. If you don’t show up there, nobody cares. You get a PR, you’d feel pretty silly giving the guy next to you a high five.

FUN FACT: I love rainy weather (probably because it hardly ever rains in Southern California).

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