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#31 — Motivation, inspiration, perspiration TOGETHER

Reasons I love CrossFit:

  • These crazies are my peeps! The ones who encourage me, give me tips, and motivate me to be the best and do my best! I hope I do the same for them!!!
  • What a blessing to get to know people I wouldn’t normally get to know if not for CrossFit
  • Occasionally children are hanging out
  • No mirrors
  • Easy to keep track of your progress
  • Everyone doing the same thing (although scaled for most) – we are in this together!!!
  • Very little (if any) complaining
  • Camaraderie from start to finish and in between
  • High fives and fist pumps when it’s over
  • Questions when you miss a day
  • Personalized, professional, caring coaching every single session
  • Tips from other athletes (much appreciated!)
  • Low brow workout clothes – no Lululemon to be found
  • Trying really, really hard is the ultimate respect
  • Messy hair – don’t care
  • People bringing in their dogs
  • While you are catching your breath after a hard workout, you won’t be surprised when someone has put away your weights without a word to you. You also do the same for others!
  • Share your support and encouragment but not your germs! Thoughtfulness abounds when athletes wipe down their weight bars, rings, seats, handles and anything else they touched with antibacterial spray – especially nice during flu season
  • The PR (personal record) bell ringing to everyone’s applause
  • and more that I will add as I think of them….

For me, I just could not get fit at one of the 24 Hour Fitness gyms of the world. If you don’t show up there, nobody cares. You get a PR, you’d feel pretty silly giving the guy next to you a high five.

FUN FACT: I love rainy weather (probably because it hardly ever rains in Southern California).

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  1. Bruce Briscoe

    24th Jan 2019 - 4:36 am

    24 Hour Fitness works by NOT having people attend. Ever notice they never mention how many members they have? Of course not. If every member showed up, no one could stand waiting for the machines, or the showers. etc. It’s a scam. HOWEVER a few do succeed there but a definite minority. Your way is MUCH better. Congrats.

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