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#3 – Send Terry Right Over

Remember this game played out on the dirty dead brown grass of your childhood, Red Rover? If not, count yourself lucky unless you were the one strong enough and/or big enough not to be called upon to “come right over” to break the human chain 100 yards in front of you. This is the game where two teams line up across from each other holding each other wrists as tightly as possible. Each team captain calls over one (presumably the weakest) from the other team to run over and try to break the link of arms between two on their teammates. If the person could not break the link, that person would now be on their team. Target of the game is to deplete the other team. Good strategy also includes choosing the weakest person on the opposing team to run into their arms to break the link. If you can do that, you take someone from that team to yours. Since I was the skinniest, therefore presumably the weakest, I was called “right over” time and time again. Back and forth I went not breaking the linked wrists when I ran right over, and not being able to hold my teammate’s wrist.  How did they not get tired of this? How did I not go home crying every day of this torture? IDK maybe I did.

FUN FACT:  I love the music duo, Indigo Girls.

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