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#24 — Be A Part of the Community. Resources to help!

There are so many resources for anyone interested in CrossFit. Here are my favorites:

  • Glossary of CrossFit terms and videos showing CrossFit movements
  • Start your day like I do reading Morning Chalk Up. This free email newsletter starts with a motivational quote, and includes CrossFit news of pros and average Joes, inspirational stories, and list of CrossFit competitions. Good stuff.
  • The website for CrossFit and CrossFit Games. Duh. Here you can also get your Workout of the Day (WOD) if you want to do CrossFit at home. I wouldn’t recommend that at all. Yikes! Instead, click here to find a box near you.
  • An app called Strength Level: This is a fantastic, free app allows you to compare your performance with other lifters YOUR AGE and YOUR WEIGHT in movements like bench press, deadlift and squat.
  • Clay Corwin, my husband, since he is a Games athlete. But he’s my resource and your can’t have him.
  • Website and app called My Fitness Pal. You definitely want to track your nutrition. Use this honestly every day. It’s your friend. More on nutrition in a future post.
  • Online, personalized nutrition help, Stronger U. Help in on the way! Stronger U strives to help members meet their goals using methods that are realistic, educational, measurable, and community-driven – and, most importantly, unlike any “dieting” experience you’ve had before. Worth the money. Be ready to snap and send a bathing suit photo of yourself. That will be hardest part though.


  • CrossFit Female Masters Athletes – lots of inspirational PRs posted, along with questions and answers posted. You’re a part of a much larger community, and that feels good.
  • CrossFit Masters – All masters. That’s everyone 35 and older. Can you believe it? I’d be pissed if I was 35 and someone called me a Master.
  • CrossFit Masters 60+ – I’m not quite there age-wise, but whatever. I like it.
  • CrossFit Games – Gotta keep up with all the news.


  • Everything CrossFit – Mostly pros, but oh! Those pros!
  • Terry Corwin – That’s right. Please follow me!
  • Morning Chalk Up – same as above but in Instagram form.
  • CrossFit Games
  • The Dave Castro – He programs and runs the CrossFit Open and Games. He and Greg Glassman (founder of CF) are like “this”. People actually wear tee shirts that say “Dave Castro is a Prick.” I’m sure he’s very nice though.
  • Left Coast CrossFit – because I LOVE my box. Live in South Orange County, CA? Join! If you visit, stop by and work out with us!
  • Old Lady Gains – Clothes and funny quotes we old ladies say. Not really, but still funny.
  • WOD Love – Workout tanks with fun sayings because who doesn’t want to be entertained with quips while working out?
  • The Chestee – workout sports bras to protect your girls and your chest. Game changer.
  • Fleo Shorts – Those short, short, very short shorts gals wear who lift heavy shit. I don’t, but I’m sure they’ll good on you.
  • Doughnuts & Deadlifts – I don’t know. I just like doughnuts. It’s CrossFit related, I think.

And because I like dogs, try these:

  • Mr. Owen Kalmbach – follow him! He has only 55 followers and he’s sad about it.
  • Ms. Simba – like Michael Stars tees? This cute dog is the owner’s. Met both of them in Santa Monica one day.
  • #DogsofCrossFit – Because dogs and CrossFit go together (it’s true!), try this hashtag. Adorable!

There are so many resources out there. Find more yourself. I can’t do everything for you.

FUN FACT: I know you don’t believe me, but I do not have one tattoo.

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