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#23 – This Smells A Lot Like PE

Our awesome coaches warm up the athletes before the workout differently each time. When I walked into class one, this smelled decidedly different and I didn’t like it. There was a large heap of bright green singlets sitting on the floor along with some orange cones AND A BALL. Uh Oh. I’m getting nervous. A game. With a ball. Oh no. A ball.

The coach announces we will all be warming up by playing a version of Quidditch. What. Is. That? Oh, god. I have no idea what this game is. The music is blaring and the coach is explaining the game. Not only can I not hear a thing, but all I can think of is that is going to start with someone picking teams. Oh god. Here we go. I don’t like this one bit. I feel like I’m having a junior high PE flashback. Where is the door? What excuse can I make to suddenly leave? Oh no.

Before I can figure out a good excuse to suddenly excuse myself, the coach starts pointing to each of us – one, two, one, two, one, two until everyone gets “picked.” Ok, so that went ok. Nobody was asking who was absent before they picked me. Ok, exhale. The team I wasn’t on was asked to put on the lime green singlets. Unfortunately for me, I was WEARING a lime green tank top. I didn’t even realize it.

So the object of the game is to throw the ball to someone from your team. If the ball is thrown to you, you can’t take another step. If you can throw the ball into the basket, great, you win a point. If you can’t reach the basket, throw it to someone else on your team who can. Back and forth it goes. While I was silently praying that no one threw the ball to me for fear I would have to do something athletic with it (I remembered I needed to keep my eye on the ball though), my worries were unwarranted because nobody threw the ball to me. Nobody. Ever. Threw the ball to me. After I a bit of time of this not happening, I felt like crying. My own team mates, my new friends here at CrossFit really didn’t trust me at this stupid game. I really, literally thought I might cry – at least on the inside. Then I realized I had that damn lime green tank top on. So nobody threw the ball to me because nobody knew what team I was on. Kind of a relief and obviously understandable but totally crazy how the old insecurities are right below the surface. Guess I need to work on this. And never wear the lime green tank again.

FUN FACT: I am obsessively on time for everything. If I’m ever late, I’m likely dead or dying. My saying has always been, “If you’re not early, you’re late.”

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  1. Bruce Briscoe

    24th Jan 2019 - 3:51 am

    If I’m not somewhere 10 minutes early, I feel like I’m late. My friends like yous know if I’m late there is a HUGE reason.

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