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#2 – Who’s Absent?

Do they even do this anymore? Have PE teachers come to their collective common senses? So cruel. So mean. Stuff of nightmares still.  What am I talking about? Choosing teams during middle school PE. The PE teacher would always pick two of the strongest, most athletic girls, supposedly the best in that sport, to be the team captains, for the next few weeks. In front of all of the girls, they would verbally choose and point to each girl they wanted on their team. And so it went, the countdown to total humiliation. One by one the ground around me cleared and there was nowhere to hide. Before I was chosen. Last. The team captain who was going to be stuck with me for the next two weeks asked the PE teacher, “Who’s absent.” As if being picked last wasn’t bad enough, they thought I was most likely worse than whomever was not even there. Really?  

FUN FACT: I’m a dessert connoisseur so I tend to decide which desserts the group will share at the end of the meal when diningout, much like a wine expert will order a bottle for the group at the beginning of the meal.

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