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#19 – A Little Help From My New Friends

After the four “foundation” classes, I was now a regular member of the box. I went to my first regular class, and I was terrified.  I don’t know anyone, am doubtful I can perform the movements, and just generally don’t know what I’m doing. Just do it, Terry. Breath, Terry. Don’t leave. Keep walking.

I was expecting the physical to be hard. I was expecting not to keep up with anyone in the class. I was expecting that I would have to concentrate very hard to do the movements correctly, which I was told was the most important thing. I was expecting no one would have any expectations of me, which helped. What I did not expect was the complete and utter support of the people in my class.

The WOD (workout of the day) was three rounds of walking lunges with weights in hand, sit ups and kettlebell swings after a good warm up. I was completely winded after the first round but kept going. After my second round, I looked around and everyone else was done with the third, last round. I could hardly do the swings any more, and my sit ups were so difficult I wasn’t getting all the way up to touch my toes. I was now a little panicked. Was I suppose to keep going? I felt embarrassed and a felt a little like a spectacle (in a bad way) now that everyone else was done. What happened next still gets me emotional.

The class started to cheering me on. What? Yes, the commotion was for me. Oh wow, I can’t stop now. I guess I am suppose to finish. But could I finish? I was sure trying so hard – way harder than if I was by myself FOR SURE. Then, to my shock, one of the gals who was clearly done asked me if she could join me. Without a chance to even answer (I could barely breath, let alone talk), she jumped in and went through the last round with me, movement by movement at my exact pace. When I couldn’t do my sit ups anymore, another gal jumped in and held my feet. “This always helps me” she said. And, oh boy, it did. The rest of the class was still cheering me on. I (finally) finished to the applause and high fives of the class and coach. I could have cried. No, I mean I really could have cried and would have but figured that would be SO un-athletic and I do have my pride. I wanted to cry because I was so tired but choked up because never, ever have I felt so supported. Never ever have I needed that support.

I drove home that day feeling proud of myself for showing up and not walking out. But the overwhelming feeling of a supportive community for this “older” rookie will stay with me forever.

FUN FACT: All my cars have been white. I love white cars.

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  1. Bruce Briscoe

    24th Jan 2019 - 3:38 am

    Love your writing AND your honesty!

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