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#18 – Here goes!

I swallowed my pride, ditched the excuses, ignored how I looked and how I felt (extremely intimidated) and started at Left Coast CrossFit on April 4, 2018.

The head banging music was blaring, weights were clanging, and there were too many fit women and beefy guys to count. I was old enough to be everyone’s mother. What had I gotten myself into.  I swallow hard and kept walking in.

Sarah was the sweet, pretty, fit, young coach who put me through the four “foundation” classes. She taught me the correct way to snatch, squat, and deadlift. She tried to teach me terms like cleans, snatches, thrusters, jerks, burpees, push press, press jerk, WOD, EMOM, AMRAP, ME, and so many others. After each lesson, there was a mini workout she put me through but I used a  PVC pipe instead of a weighted bar so I was able to get through them all. Someone (Clay) must have given someone a heads up to take it easy on me given my one bad experience with CF years earlier.

Maybe I could do this after all.

FUN FACT: Some of my favorite TV shows are I Love Lucky, Little House on the Prairie, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, House, Nurse Jackie, Family, This is Us, and many more. I love TV.

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