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#17 — Best Face Forward

Before the first day at Crossfit, I’d like to pause to talk about the face we women put on for the world. I can only speak for myself, or course, but the face I put forward to the world always has makeup on and side-swiped bangs. If I wanted to abbreviate and look “less than” my best, my hair would just be in a ponytail, but I would NEVER go out without makeup on and never not have bangs. Even when I played tennis, I wore makeup and had my bangs. When I went for a run, I did go without makeup but I wore sunglasses and a visor or a cap and didn’t interact with anyone. That said, I knew from being at CrossFit the few times I had, that these women did not wear makeup and had their hair pulled back. I knew I had to, too.

I realize as I write this, that it sounds silly, and it shouldn’t be a big deal but it was for me. Before I went to CrossFit that very first day, I pulled my hair back in a ponytail, and then – wait for it – my bangs, too. That is NOT a good look for me! I have a high forehead and this is not a good look for me. Repeat – not a good look! A clean, fresh, no-makeup face, and all my hair pulled back is not me – not a face I have ever put forward before. And now I was going in to meet new people. I was so, so, very uncomfortable, I lacked confidence, and I was scared.

Uncomfortable and scared because I was going into a new situation and I felt out of control, didn’t feel like how my body looked good, AND I was unsure I’d be able to do the movements the coach would be teaching me. All of the unknowns plus I didn’t feel pretty.

FUN FACT! I’m scared of heights.

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