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#15 – My inspiration starts with my husband of 28 years, Clay

Before I can start to talk about my CrossFit journey, I absolutely need to let you know about my inspirational, hard-working, amazing, funny, smart, kind, modest, hunky husband, Clay Corwin. Here is what I wrote on his CrossFit Games Athlete Profile before he went on to place 5th at the CrossFit Games in 2017! He had a complete knee replacement in April 2018 so was not able to compete but is already hard at work for 2019.  

Since my husband, Clay, is going to the Games again, I decided to hijack his Athlete Profile and fill it out. I’ll do it better than he would anyhow. Clay has been a commercial real estate developer and investor for over 27 years, and is an attorney by background. He got into CrossFit six years ago after going through some serious health challenges with Crohn’s Disease. Oh yeah, he’s had a prosthetic hip for 11 years, due to a degenerative problem when he was a kid; and also had elbow reconstruction (“Tommy John”) surgery last fall. He has the local orthopedic group on speed dial. None of this has slowed him down. He is a black diamond skier, a triathlon competitor, and golfer (if you can call golf a sport). He has climbed Mt. Whitney, competes in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run every year with his team, and does whatever other outdoor adventures he can fit in. The determination to become the healthiest he can be is evident today by his peak physical condition. And yes, he has a hot bod – for any age! We live in Laguna Beach, CA, and have two sons – Spencer (26), a software developer in Irvine, CA, and Garrett (23), a recent graduate of UC Santa Barbara – both are CrossFitters. We’ve been married for 28 years! I hear lots of great stories about why people love Crossfit. But when I ask Clay why he competes in this crazy sport, he simply says, “Because it makes me a better person – mentally, emotionally, spiritually.” That’s good enough for me!

For the record, Clay never even slightly criticized my “soft or flabby” figure or pressured me to start CrossFit. He only suggested kindly that “you might like Crossfit.” He was right!

FUN FACT: I tried CrossFit one time in 2014 but the trainer worked me so hard that I had to sit in my car for 30 minutes before I could drive home. Never went back there.

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