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#11 – And in other news, mom tennis is very competitive!

My tennis club is part of a league that has about 9 levels starting at D3 for the most beginning of beginners, then D2 and D1 to the advanced beginners. Then C3 for the lowest of the medium level players, then C2, and C1 for the best medium-level players.  Then there were the elusive B level players. B3, B2 and the rare B1 players. The other tennis ladies definitely judged your ability and skill level or lack thereof by which team you were on. If you were off by one or more team levels, you definitely did not get invited to play “fun matches” with them.  

What cracked me up the most were the ladies who tragically, pathetically (and comically in some cases) tried like mad to be on the highest-level team possible. My tack was slightly different.  While I did try to work my up on a higher level each year, and I did — I loved being at level I COULD PROBABLY WIN EVERY WEEK! I was a newbie at this athletic stuff, so call me crazy, but put me on a team where I would most likely win when every week. And mostly I did. I think winning is more fun than saying I was on a higher team. I started at D3, naturally the lowest, and worked my way up to a solid C1 player after 13 years. It was a great ride. I had the best, most generous partners every year. I had the time of my life. God, I miss those outfits.

FUN FACT: I was the Grand Marshal of the Coto de Caza July 4th parade in 2009 for my work with teens through Lion’s Heart.


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